Rockwell hardness test

Rockwell hardness test determines the bulk hardness of polymer and metallic materials. Initially, a minor load or preliminary test force is applied, followed by a major load application. Depth of penetration of an indenter is used to determine the hardness of both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Essentially, the hardness scale is expressed as A, B, C, and D and is determined by the test load and the type of indenter. Since the tester uses the least amount of sample, it is relatively easier and quicker. The major advantage of Rockwell hardness test is that it displays hardness value immediately after penetrating the materials. Also, it boasts of a high speed of testing.

Rockwell hardness test


Innovatest dedicated Rockwell hardness testers are developed, designed, and endurances tested at their R&D facilities. The testers are designed to match persona requirements and testing needs. In other words, both the hardware and software are customized to suit your testing needs.

The NEMESIS 9100RS (B) is a multipurpose rock-solid tester designed for the continuous use of 3000kg test force. This means that it exceeds Rockwell’s requirement by 20 times hence suitable for Brinell. The tester features a Windows 10 operation and a 15-inch colour touch screen. It is ideal for inline and robotic systems and can be used to perform automatic testing.