Kitesurfing is a modern and emerging sport for people of all generations because it is both fun and exciting. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has prompted numerous businesses to either increase or invent an online presence so as to continue conducting business.

The restrictions enforced by COVID-19 have revealed how kite school management software can become so beneficial. Business owners who operate and manage a kite school have recognised the importance of using kite school management software for its efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to save precious time doing what a kite operator does best – teach new students how to kitesurf.

Kite school management software can perform the majority of the operational workload

Kite schools, instructors and kite business owners need a planning, scheduling, and booking management system to control their operational workloads. This allows valuable time to be spent on student interactions and therefore improving the overall kitesurfing customer learning experience.

By adopting a suitable kite school management software system, kite school administrators can competently manage the following:

  • Hire, schedule, and manage all kite teaching staff and instructors
  • Provide an interactive online digital platform for staff to correspond with their customers – 24 x 7
  • Enables prospects to become paying customers by accepting bookings and processing payments – 24 x 7
  • Enquiries and bookings can be performed from a range of media or IoT devices
  • Acts as an information hub providing a variety of information relevant to the kite school and its service offerings
  • Can conveniently generate periodic automatic newsletter emails to customers, prospects and leads

Boosts Customer Experience

Kite school management software significantly enhances the relationship between kite teachers and their students through online discussions, social media interaction, email exchanges and via loyalty membership campaigns. Online digital interaction, regardless of the media, provides a means for consumer queries to be acknowledged almost real-time. Kite school management software offers a straightforward and effortless exercise for customers to adopt any digital channel that suits them the most.