open business in the Netherlands

If you have plans opening up a business in the Netherlands, we can advise you to contact the Dike international company. They are the company formation service provider in the Netherlands and are able to guide you throughout the whole process of starting a business. This way, as a new business owner, you are sure everything is arranged legal and quickly without setting foot in the Netherlands yourself.


Business structures in the Netherlands

There are different kinds of business structures in the Netherlands. Most (new) business owners start up a company with a BV structure. BV stands for ‘Besloten vennootschap” in Dutch. There are only two  legal requirements; the BV company has a registered address in the Netherlands and the company needs at least one director. You can choose as much shareholders as you like. These shareholders and director(s) doesn’t have to have the Dutch nationality and don’t have to live in Holland. So you can easily start your BV company in Holland on distance! Contact the Dike international company for more information and to start your own company in the Netherlands in just 5 working days.