Schuberth helmets is a Germany company that majors in the production of protective helmets for the motorists, fire fighters, people working in the industry and also those working in the military as well. The company is locate in Magdeburg and it has been operating for more than 70 years since when it was founded in 1922. The company also produces personal protective equipment such as ear defenders.

Why are their products the best?

Schuberth helmets are not just like any other helmets as they are produced with manual labour to ensure that they achieve the best products for their customers. They not only produce products for the regional market but they are working very hard on expanding their market pool globally so that everyone gets to enjoy their high quality products. With more than 300 of their employees who possess excellent skills, they are focused in achieving their main goal and making sure that their success story continuous to thrive. Their customers’ safety and production of strong products is their main priority.

How do they provide their customers safety?


They are on the front line in protecting the environment so as not to cause disruption to the ecosystem by having a strict policy that allows them to monitor the effects that their production operations cause. The inner cushion of their products is tested for skin compatibility to ensure health safety of their customers. They use solvent free paints on the outer part giving such a stylish look. They have excellent reviews from their customers online and one can visit their website to view and buy their products.