A Gearbox is one of the most vital parts of a car. Therefore, you have to ensure that your gearbox is well-serviced for optimal performance. Embarking on used gearboxes search can lead you to hundreds of independent suppliers of remanufactured and reconditioned parts. Regardless of the type of gearbox you eventually choose, you should ensure you find the right part for your vehicle, irrespective of the manufacturer. The gearbox works in conjunction with the driveshaft and clutch to modify the output that goes to the wheels. Consequently, it makes your car to transition smoothly from stationary to variable urban driving as well as driving on regular motorways.

Used Gearboxes Performance

As mentioned above, a gearbox is a vital ingredient of a car. New gearboxes are expensive and may be out of reach of many people. Therefore, you can consider getting a used gearbox that still delivers an optimal performance like a new one.
The interdependence nature of the gearbox means that when it starts experiencing issues with its performance, other parts of your choice may also be impacted. Such elements include the driveshaft, clutch and the engine. Here are some of the gearboxes that are worth purchasing:


Getting a high-performance gearbox is the first step towards better auto performance. The Reintjes WAF 240 gearbox offers excellent performance, with a 417 HP at 1800 revolutions per minute (RPM).
This 480 kg gearbox offers mechanical transmission and comes with brackets and an oil cooler. Although it’s a used unit, you’re guaranteed of optimal performance with the 417 HP.


The ALLISON DP8962 comes packed with 975-1100 HP with the ability to make 1800 to 2300 revolutions per minute (rpm). The DP 8962 module is currently available for sale and has electrical controls.
Weighing 1800 kg, the ALLISON DP8962 comes fitted with brackets and has six gears forward and one backwards. The only missing components are the PTO and the oil cooler.


The Masson gearbox model RSD 401 has a ratio of 3, 08:1. It delivers 1250 HP at 1800 rpm and has a running take out running condition. A 1250 HP is capable of passing on the necessary power to the other components without overheating.


The CLT 6061 model is another gearbox brand from Allison that performs accordingly. Its general condition is running take out and has 450-850 horsepower at revolutions per minute between 1900-2500.
The ALLISON CLT6061 has electrical controls with six gears forward and one backwards. Additionally, the gearbox comes with brackets even though it lacks a PTO and oil cooler. Its ratio varies from one model to the other and has a total weight of 1000 kg.


Unlike its predecessors, it has a ratio of 1:1 and offers a smaller horsepower of 250. It’s currently available for sale and has a running take out general condition.
The electrical controls in the gearbox give it a better performance compared to the other gearboxes that have mechanical controls. In addition to that, it also has 14-inc rubber block drive and has 1800 revolutions per minute (RPMs). However, it weighs 200kgs and has no brackets, oil coolers or PTO.


The MG-507 model comes with a twin-disc and has a ratio of 2, 54:1. The twin-disc offers the power of 125HP at 1800 revolutions per minute. Its currency available for sale and has a running take out in terms of general condition.
It comes with mechanical driving controls and has 11, 5” rubber block drive as well as aluminium drive ring. The Twin Disc MG-507 weights approximately 160 kg and measures 40 by 50 by 40. The only drawbacks associated with it are its lack of a PTO, oil cooler and brackets.


Unlike its predecessor, the Twin Disc MG-507-1 has a ratio of 1, 10:1. It comes packed with a 149 Horsepower at 1800 revolutions per minute. It has a serial number of 5bd751 and is presently available for sale.
The Twin Disc g-507-1 weighs 160 kilograms but has no PTO, oil cooler and brackets. Moreover, it does not have flexible coupling and also lacks sae housing. It mechanical controls work perfectly to deliver adequate power to the driveshaft and the gear stick.


Also a Town Disc model, it has a ratio of 2, 95:1 with a 11272 reference number. Its 228 HP with 1800 RPMs delivers moderate power that will give you a comfortable drivetrain o the motorways. It is currently overhauled and is available for sale.
With the Twin Disc MG-509, you enjoy the comfort and ease of using a gearbox with electric controls. Its flexible coupling has 11, 5” aluminium drive ring with rubber block drive. However, the gearbox lacks features such as oil cooler, a PTO or brackets. The Twin Disc MG-509 measures 50 by 55 by 60 cm and weighs 260 kg.


This gearbox is referenced in 11270 and is model RCD 320. It has a horsepower of 850 HP and has an 1800 rpm with a ratio of 4,585:1. You’re assured of a gearbox that will only require minimal repair since it has been maintained well during its time of service. It has 53.000 running hours and is available for sale.
Manufactured in 1999, the Masson RCD 320 was built with mechanical controls and came fitted with brackets. However, it does not have a PTO or an Oil cooler. Its weight of 800 kilograms and has dimensions of 90 by 80 by 130 cm.

The Bottom Line

Finding a gearbox that is still in a perfect working condition is the first step to revamping your motor vehicle. Getting a second-hand gearbox ensures that you don’t dig too deep into your purse while at the same time you get a high-performance device.